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Free Media Releases provides news on everything from new hires and product launches to information on the latest smartphone technologies and office openings for business large and small across the world!
Our team of reporters provides dispatches on what companies and cultural organizations are offering and what developments are taking place in their offices, assembly lines and mediascapes!

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Free Media Releases are expansive in nature and offere narratives about the companies profiled. More than just news releases, our publications include important information like web links, phone numbers, Google Maps and photos along with insightful quotes by relevant parties.

Picturing the World

Our press releases and stories are multidimensional in nature with unique photos from the sources covered!

Re-Defining the Press Release

Ours is an era where traditional media are now complemented by the millions of blogs, news sites, personal websites, video sites and other sources of content online. We give you access to all of them with our targeted releases!

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Nicole Spears

Nicole Spears

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James Zellay

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Paul Templar

Trends Editor

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