(LAS VEGAS, NV) MAY 21, 2023 – The proposed relocation of the Oakland A’s baseball franchise to Las Vegas has stirred up a flurry of activity among major law firms in the Las Vegas region, and Envision Legal Solutions, one of the city’s premier court reporting companies, stands ready to provide support services for the legal battles and court cases that lie ahead. Envision Legal Solutions, a woman-owned firm established in 1999, performs an array of services for lawyers and attorneys in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Paradise, Spring Valley, Henderson and other locations. As one of the top choices for court reporting in Las Vegas, Envision Legal Solutions performs depositions, legal videography services, transcription services, preparation of trial media and more.

With numerous deals and details to be worked out between various sides, lawyers will have to get involved to make the relocation of the Athletics from Oakland to Las Vegas a reality. Court reporters in Nevada may perform a variety of tasks and take on different responsibilities for their legal clients during this process, such as recording remote depositions of witnesses and producing video documentaries.

Court reporters also perform services like “E-discovery” and document review, in which paper documents for a case are digitized so that lawyers can then easily search for keywords within them. Construction and financing of a new ballpark for the team remain key issues to be resolved, with the cost of a new stadium likely to exceed hundreds of millions of dollars.

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