(FOLSOM, CA) FEBRUARY 13, 2023 – One of the country’s leading court reporting conglomerates, the National Network of Reporting Companies, or NNRC, recently celebrated National Court Reporting & Captioning Week, an annual celebration of the court reporting profession and its impact on the legal industry. The NNRC featured some of its partner firms in a series of Facebook posts through the week, highlighting their successes. NNRC connects lawyers with court reporters in the United States through its database, which includes court reporting firms in many of the states.

Member companies of the NNRC, based in California, perform a wide range  of legal support services for lawyers and attorneys. They provide transcription services of legal proceedings such as trials, depositions and hearings.  Many of these companies also feature excellent legal videography services, helping lawyers and attorneys to create compelling video presentations for trials.  NNRC member companies also create PowerPoint presentations for use in trials and printed trial boards to help legal professionals make strong visual arguments in court. NNRC can connect lawyers with capable court reporting professionals whenever they need court reporting in California. Depending upon where in the state a lawyer needs legal support services, NNRC can connect him or her with the nearest member firm.

2023 marks at least the sixth year that people across the country have observed a Court Reporting & Captioning Week, demonstrating the importance that elected officials give to the roles played by court reporters. In states across the country, legislatures and governors have formally decreed the week, recognizing the historic importance of scribes and the continued value of transcribers in government and the judicial process.

For more information about the NNRC, visit its official website, https://nnrc.com, where you can schedule a service, find a local member company to assist you, and learn much more about the services offered by the NNRC and its member companies.