COLUMBUS, OH (JUNE 25, 2023) — Anderson Reporting Services, one of the most respected court reporting companies in Columbus, has announced a new coordinated effort to market its services to lawyers across the State of Ohio. Founded more than 30 years ago, Anderson Reporting has carved out a space in the legal landscape of Columbus by providing top-quality legal support services for legal clients in Ohio’s capital. The firm’s founder, Gayle Anderson, a former President of the Ohio Court Reporters Association, wants to increase the amount of work the company performs in markets outside Columbus, such as in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Toledo.

“With technology and remote reporting, our Columbus court reporters can perform work for clients almost anywhere,” said Anderson.

Indeed, technological improvements have enabled court reporting companies to perform many services across great distances. Ohio court reporting companies in Columbus can conduct remote depositions for attorneys and lawyers across the state using videoconferencing, recording testimony of witnesses for trials and lawsuits. Anderson Reporting Services uses its mobile app to securely transmit files about cases to its cases, and clients can remotely access their files, including video depositions, spreadsheets, legal briefs and more, about their cases through the app, while on the go.

As part of its campaign to target legal professionals in markets outside Columbus, the court reporting firm will publish blog posts and press releases featuring key words with other major Ohio cities. On its own blog and on third-party blogs, Anderson Reporting Services will write content that publicizes its court reporting services in Cleveland, Cincinnati and other municipalities across the state. Posts with keywords like “court reporters in Cleveland” and “court reporters in Cincinnati” will help lawyers in these cities to learn about this dynamic and experienced court reporting company leading the way across the state. The campaign will also feature posts on social media accounts.