(West Palm Beach, July 15, 2022)

West Palm Beach eldercare attorneys Shalloway & Shalloway announce the publication of a free medicaid planning guide to help the elderly and their friends and family plan for elder care and health care benefits. The guide is a questionnaire that helps people properly apply for benefits and for items long-term care insurance. Medicaid is one of the central core benefits for the elderly and the less-wealthy in the United States. It is a program that provides medical care for all types of conditions and helps families provide for their elderly who can no longer take care of themselves.

The Medicaid form is but one of the many resources and documents available to people interested in getting more informed about their legal needs in the fields of special needs law, wills, trusts, and elder care. The Shalloway & Shalloway offers a publication and free document download guide as part of their resources section on their official website.

Shalloway & Shalloway: Palm Beach County’s Premier Attorneys for Special Needs, Elder Care and Trusts

What differentiates the Law Firm of Shalloway & Shalloway from many others in their field is the commitment to helping the Palm Beach County and South Florida community. One of the forms this commitment takes is the publication of the free documents and forms that are designed to educate the public about important life and financial decisions ranging from trusts and wills to planning the care of their parents and grandparents.

When you realize your parents, the people who raised you and took care of you all your life, are no longer able to take care of themselves a very emotional moment arises in the evolution of our relationships with our elders. It becomes time to take care of them and roles are reversed. In order to find the proper care for your parents big financial decisions have to be made regarding nursing homes, assisted living programs and in-home personal nursing care. It is in this moment that Shalloway & Shalloway

Mark Shalloway explains the benefits and importance of elder care planning

Our clients benefit greatly from some basic understanding of the relationship between medicaid and proper financial consultation when it comes to planning for the care of their elder loved ones. One of the steps we always recommend along the way to making these big decisions is to read the forms and questionnaires we provide in order to prepare for the best possible outcome. We have found that by properly informing our clients of their options financially and legally that it helps them come to terms with the difficult process of elder care management for their parents and grandparents.

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