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(Columbus, Ohio) October 19, 2021

Anderson Reporting is pleased to announce their transcription services. Sometimes, attorneys don’t realize how helpful a court reporter would be until the closing of their legal proceedings, but not all hope is lost. If attorneys recorded the legal proceedings, they can still provide that file to Anderson Reporting and have the skilled Columbus court reporters with the firm transcribe the events as they they occured. Then, the transcript will be delivered in the format of the client’s choice, precisely when they need it, allowing them to have the invaluable resource they’ve needed from the get-go.

“ARS provides top notch court reporting and legal videography around Central Ohio and beyond!” one client says. “Happy to be part of an amazing team of legal service professionals.”

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Back when Anderson Reporting was conceptualized, there was not a standard of court reporting. President Gayle Anderson saw how many court reporting firms couldn’t live up to the needs of attorneys in her area. They didn’t provide the services required, and they didn’t have the technology attorneys needed to be successful. In response to that, Anderson developed her firm, Anderson Reporting. She set a new standard for speed, accuracy, and efficiency that attorneys have learned to expect as the pinnacle of reporting.

Anderson Reporting provides clients all the services they need to be successful. On top of quality court reporting, Anderson provides clients legal videography, transcription services, remote depositions, and so much more. It is truly the one-stop-shop for all things litigation support.

For more information on Anderson Reporting, call them at (614) 326-0177, go to their website, or visit their offices.

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