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(Folsom, California) August 3, 2021

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is pleased to announce their areas of practice page. Court reporters are incredibly valuable to each case their work on, but when they do not have advanced knowledge of a certain area of practice there can be a learning curve that slows down down legal proceedings.  The professionals at the NNRC understand how valuable it is to work with a court reporter who is familiar with the difficult jargon that comes with their area of practice. The firm came up with a comprehensive list of legal fields that their partners may specialize in. Attorneys can look through the page to see if their area of practice is covered.

The NNRC understands how detrimental that can be to one’s case. This is why they pride themselves in offering court reporters who specialize in well over a dozen unique areas of practice. When booking a service through the NNRC, attorneys and paralegals do not have to worry about whether or not their court reporting professional can keep up with the difficult nuances and terminology that comes with their field of law. Scheduling a qualified professional can be done in minutes thanks to the company’s mobile-friendly scheduling form.

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For over 30 years, the National Network Reporting Company has provided quality court reporting services to professionals across the world. To be accepted as an NNRC partner, clients must meet the company’s high standards of accuracy, efficiency, and customer service. This gives attorneys the confidence of knowing they are working with a professional who can deliver. When booking with the NNRC, attorneys know their case is in good hands.

For more information on the NNRC, call (916) 451-9187, email [email protected], or visit their Folsom office.

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