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(Boca Raton, Florida) March 24, 2021

Rabbi Robert Silverman is pleased to announce a list of things to remember when planning a South Florida wedding. When couples host a wedding in South Florida, especially those who aren’t from the area, there are some key things they should keep in mind– such as the unpredictable weather that comes in summer, the diverse venue options, and the average price of vendors and venues. If you are planning on hosting a wedding in the area, make sure you read through this quick, informative blog post first.

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For your South Florida wedding, make sure you book the best wedding officiant in the business. The reception is always fun, but the ceremony is the place where two individuals become one, and Rabbi Robert Silverman makes that time memorable. He works closely with the happy couple to create a warm, personal ceremony, no matter the needs of the couple.

“My husband’s family had one request– that we hire a rabbi for our wedding,” one bride says. “I grew up non-religious, so we knew we would need to find an interfaith rabbi for our wedding. Rabbi Silverman was ready and willing to marry us and gave us a ceremony that was traditionally Jewish without being overwhelming for my family– it was the perfect balance! Rabbi Silverman was a great addition to our wedding day. From the first time we reached out to the wedding day itself, he was very responsive, and wanted to be very involved. He asked to meet to get to know us personally, and helped us tailor our ceremony to our exact vision. He is kind, responsive, and professional, and we would recommend him to anyone looking for an interfaith ceremony!”

Rabbi Silverman believes that every couple should have the wedding of their dreams. He proudly offers his services for traditional Jewish weddings, interfaith weddings, and same-sex marriages alike. Love is love, and Rabbi Silverman works to bind true love together in marriage.

For more information on Rabbi Silverman and his services, call (305) 439-1990 or email [email protected].