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(Corpus Christi, Texas) February 24, 2021

Advanced Wellness & Rejuvenation, Corpus Christi’s premiere wellness clinic, is thrilled to announce their O-Shot treatment. The O-Shot is a painless, non-invasive procedure that is done in one quick, in-office appointment. It is a platelet rich plasma treatment that been shown to treat urinary incontinence, as well as increase natural lubrication, sensitivity, and stimulation. These are problems many women face throughout their life, be it due to giving birth, menopause, or any other hormonal change.

Dr. Dale Eubank, who runs the clinic, knows a thing or two about how these problems arise, and how to treat them. As a doctor of gynecology and gynecological surgery, he understand what works and what doesn’t better than most. Upon seeing issues with pleasure and incontinence many women (especially several-time mothers) experience, Dr. Eubank knew this was another service he had to add. Each and every one of the clinic’s developed services were born from an observed problem that required a solution. His treatments are made to safely, and effectively treat whatever problem a patient has.

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Advanced Wellness & Rejuvenation was built to serve women and men who suffer from issues with weight, hormone irregularity, or those in search of a solution to aging skin. The clinic leads patients on a path to their best selves—physically and mentally— with simple treatments and procedures that yield amazing results. At Advanced Wellness, patients have staff who are dedicated to their well-being.

For more information, or to set up a free consultation, call (361) 906-1112, [email protected], or visit the Corpus Christi location.

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