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(Folsom, California) December 8, 2020

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is pleased to announce their resources page. Though still under construction, this page is designed to give attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals quick information on the top frequently asked questions about court reporters, how the have the most successful deposition, technology in the court reporting world, and a scheduling checklist. To learn more about any of these topics, readers can select the icon and be taken to a page on the subject.

This page is just one of the many ways that the NNRC works to provide clients the best information in the business. Almost 40 years ago, the NNRC was founded on that principle: giving attorneys across the world the best litigation support. Upon realizing that many court reporting firms couldn’t live up to the needs of attorneys had, top court reporting firms came together to set a new standard for the industry. Now with dozens of partners a part of the NNRC database, attorneys across the globe can find a court reporting service they know they can rely on.

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Whether an attorney requires a detail-oriented court reporter, a skilled legal videographer, a stellar trial presentation, or any other litigation support service they can think of, when they book with the NNRC they know their case is in good hands. The company’s partners always use the best technology in the business and employ the fasted, most dedicated staff. When an attorney works with the NNRC, they’ll never go back.

For more information on the NNRC, call (916) 451-9187, email [email protected], or fill out this contact form.

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