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(Folsom, California) October 28, 2020

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is pleased to announce their latest page on tips for conducting in-person depositions. During the global pandemic, people across the world have had to learn how to handle working from home for months, and now many are having to do the opposite– re-learning how to work in office while keeping safe. In-person meetings and depositions in particular raise eyebrows, as conducting an event with several people in the same room is a concern.

A clean, socially distant conference space is the answer. The NNRC offers this page of tips so attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals can find a few ideas they otherwise may not have thought of that keeps their employees and clients safe. To learn more about these tips, read the resource today.

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For several decades, the NNRC has served the world of law as one of the top litigation support firms. They offer a variety of services to appeal to any and all needs an attorney may have. Need a quality court reporter? The NNRC has hundreds of professionals who are fast and reliable. Need a crystal clear legal video service? The NNRC’s legal video specialists only use the best technology in the business. Need a remote deposition? The NNRC has the resources their clients need to host a successful deposition from their home.

No matter what a legal professional requires, the NNRC can deliver on each and every one of their needs. For more information on the NNRC, call (916) 451-9187, email [email protected], or fill out this contact form.

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