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(Houston, Texas) July 8, 2020

Hanna & Hanna Certified Court Reporting and Video Specialists is pleased to announce their realtime internet streaming services. Travel time and expenses can make bringing a full legal team together for a meeting or deposition difficult to execute. During a global pandemic, the need for reliable, realtime internet streaming becomes even more apparent. Clients need a way to connect with their teams, and Hanna Reporting has the answer.

When an attorney schedules a realtime internet streaming service through Hanna, they have access to high quality audio and visuals, as well as instant messaging through secure chat rooms. Attending an upcoming arbitration, mediation, or deposition has never been easier. Clients can have the support of a Houston court reporter no matter where they are thanks to this service.

For attorneys in the Houston area, Hanna Reporting has been the go-to court reporting firm for decades. In a big city like Houston, it can be difficult to remain relevant in any industry, but Hanna Reporting has kept their status as one of the best in the area. How? By listening to the needs of their clients. The staff actively listens to their clients’ concerns and uses them to shape their business.

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“It’s crucial to have a court reporting firm you can trust,” Julie Rehberg of Omaha, Nebraska says. “Court reporters can easily transform a case. That’s why, when an attorney has to travel, it is crucial they find a court reporter that lives up to their standards. Hanna Reporting’s worldwide scheduling changes the game for professionals on the go.”

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