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(Las Vegas, Nevada) July 7, 2020

Envision Legal is pleased to announce their remote deposition services. Due to the global pandemic, many legal professionals are choosing to operate from home in order to keep their employees, their clients, and their families safe from the highly contagious virus. For many attorneys, the ability to meet with their legal team and witnesses is essential to the progression of their casework, but phone calls and emails don’t cut it.

Envision Legal’s remote depositions are designed to solve this problem. By scheduling a remote deposition through Envision Legal, attorneys are able to connect with their teams and clients over a secure server with crisp audio and visuals. By utilizing the assistance of the firm’s Las Vegas court reporters, attorneys can have a recorded transcript of their legal proceedings just like they would after an in-person deposition. Contact the firm to learn more about the service.

“Envision Legal really goes above and beyond to make their clients feel like individuals with individualized needs,” Philip Gabelli, an expert from Sarasota, Florida says. “Many businesses in major cities like Las Vegas don’t have a grasp on customer service like that. Envision Legal is really something special.”

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Attorneys in Las Vegas, Clarke County, and all of Nevada know of Envision Legal’s dedication to providing clients with the best litigation support in the business. The firm is made of legal professionals who strive to provide top-tier service– whether its court reporting, legal video, or remote depositions.

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