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(Phoenix, Arizona) July 8, 2020

Coash & Coash is pleased to announce their offered service of remote depositions through the NNRC. The NNRC (or the National Network Reporting Company) is an international litigation support company dedicated to creating a database of the best court reporting companies in the world. By scheduling a service through the NNRC, clients can book without worrying whether or not a firm lives up to their standards of accuracy, speed, and level of customer service.

Coash & Coash offers their remote deposition service to the clients of the NNRC. Now, attorneys anywhere in the world can receive the superior litigation support offered by these Phoenix court reporters. Remote depositions are hosted over a secure server, and by utilizing Coash & Coash’s videoconferencing through Zoom, clients can see and hear one another with crystal clear quality. Learn more about remote depositions with the NNRC and Coash & Coash by visiting the page today.

“Coash & Coash staff consistently delivers quality service with unmatched attention to detail and thorough follow-up with every job, being our first and only choice for court-reporting services,” one client says.

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In Phoenix, Arizona, Coash & Coash has been the go-to court reporting firm for 40 years. Their superior service granted them their reputation as one of the best in Phoenix. Whether a client books a court reporter, videographer, or any other service, they can expect the same level of dedication to fine details. That diligence takes a case from good to great.

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