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(Columbus, Ohio) June 17, 2020

Anderson Reporting is pleased to announce their 24/7 online, mobile-friendly booking engine. By going to the firm’s website and selecting “Schedule Online” from the main menu, attorneys and paralegals can easily and efficiently select a service from the Columbus court reporting firm they know they can trust. The engine is easy to navigate and can be filled out in just a few minutes. A confirmation email will be sent within fifteen minutes of scheduling a service, so the client knows their needs have not gone unnoticed.

This service is especially valuable for the busy legal professional on the go. Sometimes, an attorney might not have time in their day to stop and make a phone call. When sending an email, perhaps it can be difficult to know exactly what information to include. The online scheduling option eliminates both of these variables and streamlines the booking process in a few steps. An attorney could fill out their information while on a phone call in the office, or in line at a coffee shop.

“Unbelievable handling of a last-minute video deposition,” one client says. “The great team at Anderson Reporting pulled a videographer and reporter out their hats and were on the record in just over an hour after our emergency call. Very impressive service!”

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The Columbus court reporters know their clients want their court reporting firms to serve as a one-stop litigation shop, and that is exactly what Anderson Reporting proves to be. Anderson Reporting offers a wide variety of litigation services to fit every attorney’s legal needs—from realtime reporting to trial presentation. Anderson Reporting makes the difficult field of law a little easier to navigate for legal professionals.

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