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(Houston, Texas) May 27, 2020

Hanna & Hanna Reporting is proud to announce their offered services. The Houston court reporting firm has always been home to the highest quality court reporters in the state. They provide timely, accurate, and efficient results that can be counted on time and time again—no matter how big or small a case may be. Now, the certified court reporting and video specialists are extending their services to be more inclusive of a wider variety of legal professionals.

These Houston court reporters now offer worldwide reporting. This feature ensures that no matter where their clients travel, they will still be covered by the court reporting firm they trust. The specialists at Hanna & Hanna are also proud to offer realtime internet streaming. For clients who may be unable to travel nation or worldwide, these streaming services allow clients to easily connect with expert witnesses, and for these witnesses to be able to see and hear everything that goes on in the courtroom.

“These days, videography is getting to be more and more important in the courtroom,” Brandon Bell, a legal expert in Illinois, says. “It can be useful during a trial, but also following the trial when attorneys are trying to gather more information. Incorporating videography into a court reporting firm is a smart business move.”

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As the digital age progresses, these sorts of services have grown increasingly important. To fit the ever-changing needs of their clients, Hanna & Hanna has taken the leap to include these options. To not keep up with the times is to fall behind and lose business.

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