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(Boca Raton, Florida) March 1, 2022

Rabbi Robert Silverman is pleased to announce the latest post on his blog: 3 Wedding Trends that are Disappearing, and 3 that are Rising. Every year, those in the wedding industry see changes in color pallets, dresses, food trends, but it’s less common that we see the major decline of what have once been seen as wedding traditions. On this page, you can learn more about some of the traditions you will likely see less of in the coming years, and other traditions that are growing in popularity. If a wedding is in your future, consider these tradition trends.

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No matter what sort of wedding you are looking to host in South Florida, Rabbi Robert Silverman is the wedding officiant who will take the time to ensure all your needs are taken care of. It doesn’t matter if a couple requires a traditional Jewish wedding, an interfaith wedding, or a same-sex marriage-– Rabbi Robert takes the time to get to know each of his couples so he can produce a warm, personal ceremony no one in attendance will soon forget.

“Rabbi Silverman was called upon last minute as our plans changed due to COVID,” one bride says. “He was warm, welcoming, and all around wonderful. He made us feel like he had known us for years, and conducted a beautiful and incredibly special ceremony. Thank you, Rabbi Silverman!”

For a Rabbi to officiate your wedding– or any of your life events– choose Rabbi Robert Silverman. For more information on his services, visit his website or contact him at (305) 439-1990 or [email protected].