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(Folsom, California) February 9, 2022

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is pleased to announce their Find a Firm feature. The NNRC is composed of dozens of skilled court reporting firms across the globe, allowing attorneys anywhere to book a service through the NNRC. In order to make the search for a nearby court reporter a bit easier, the NNRC has developed a “Find a Firm” page. Here, attorneys can find a firm in whichever way they see fit– whether that is through looking through the NNRC’s list of partners, or by searching for firms by location.┬áThis makes booking a convenient service even more convenient.

Making the world of litigation support a painless experience for attorneys is something the NNRC was founded on. In 1983, five of the leaders in the world of court reporting came together, having realized that there was no set standard of service across the industry. This led to wide discrepancies in quality of service for attorneys, which made for frustrated attorneys.

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Together, these firms set a new standard for superior quality of court reporting. Now, dozens of court reporting firms call themselves NNRC partners. No matter where a client is, when they book a service through the NNRC, they can expect these key four details from their service: speed, accuracy, efficiency, and great customer service. Each firm partner goes through an intense vetting process to ensure they uphold each of these qualities of service. Whether a client is in Seattle, Washington, New York City, or London, they can expect top-tier litigation support thanks to the NNRC.

For more information on the NNRC and their services,┬ácall (866) 337-6672, email [email protected], or visit their offices.

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