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(Corpus Christi, Texas) November 30, 2021

Advanced Weight Loss is pleased to announce their tips for exercising in the winter months. When the cold sets in, many people lose the momentum they have made on the front of exercise. They feel it’s too cold to get out there for a run or a bike ride, and as a result many gain the weigh they have worked so hard to lose. But that doesn’t have to happen. On this page, Advanced Weight Loss outlines the things you can do to not only keep warm while exercising outside, but keep safe. It’s a great resource for those who don’t want to lose their forward momentum in the winter.

“I absolutely love this program!” one satisfied patient says. “The ladies at the Portland location are amazing and so helpful. Through this program I have been able to lose 30 pounds and it was the easiest regimen I have ever done. I cannot recommend this enough! Hit up the Portland location and you won’t be sorry.”

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The staff at Advanced Weight Loss has helped thousands of patients reach that ideal version of themselves they’ve been trying to achieve. Weight loss is difficult, and doing it on one’s own is even harder. When clients come to Advanced Weight Loss for medically supervised weight loss in Corpus Christi, they are always supported. The staff designs personalized plan for diet and exercise for each and every client, as no two people benefit from the exact same weight loss regimen. Like this, patients find the success they have been searching for.

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