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(Corpus Christi, Texas) May 12, 2021

Advanced Weight Loss is pleased to announce their page of tips on keeping weight off over the summer. Though summertime boasts a wide array of fresh food, many of these treats are deceiving in just how bad they are for you. It’s easy to fall into the trap of popsicles and grilled foods, which could be detrimental to one’s weight loss journey. The page serves as a reminder to limit high calorie/sugary drinks, be careful at barbeques, stay away from frozen yogurt, and keep up with one’s exercise.

The staff at Advanced Weight Loss can help with keeping one’s summer weight loss goals on track. The Advanced Weight Loss Program is a mixture of medically supervised diet and exercised tailored to each specific client’s needs. No two patients benefit from the same weight loss regimen, so each and every one receives personalized attention that garners the best results.

“I am so grateful I found this place!” one patient says. “Since I began the weight loss program in August I have lost 52 pounds. The program is realistic and easy to follow and the nurses I’ve worked with have been so amazing! Their encouragement and advice has helped me get this far. I highly recommend this program if you have struggled in the past on your own.”

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Patients can get a jumpstart to their weight loss in a few days. The Crave Control Serotonin Supplement targets cravings. The Lipo-Plus Injections promote fat burning. These options can be used separately or in conjunction, and help clients achieve the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves possible.

For more information on Advanced Weight Loss, call (361) 906-1112 or email [email protected].

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