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(Houston, Texas) April 14, 2021

Hanna & Hanna Reporting is pleased to announce their page on the basics of a successful deposition. Though not required by law, depositions are a key aspect in the discovery process. Attorneys who utilize depositions are more likely to have a successful case. On this quick, concise page, readers can have a little more context on the deposition process. Learn what a deposition is, the purpose of a deposition, and how to set oneself up up for success by going to the page.

For 30 years, Hanna & Hanna Reporting has served as the go-to court reporting firm in Houston. Attorneys have come to expect these Houston court reporters’ attention to detail, high quality tech, and customer service that is often unmatched in the industry. The excellence extends to each and every service the firm offers. Whether an attorney requires a realtime reporter, a videographer, a remote deposition, or any other litigation support service, the staff at Hanna & Hanna can deliver.

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At Hanna & Hanna Reporting, clients are more than just the means to an end. No case is too large or small, and two cases are alike. Each client is treated with a unique approach, because that is exactly how they deserve to be treated. At Hanna & Hanna Reporting, clients can always expect respect, accuracy, and efficiency.

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