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(Las Vegas, Nevada) November 18, 2020

Envision Legal is pleased to announce their page of frequently asked question on court reporters. For clients who would like more information on the court reporting industry, this is the quick, easy to digest resource they need. Here, readers can learn about how stenographs work, how many words court reporters can type per minute, how court reporters become certified, and what sets court reporters apart from other recording devices.

If a client has more questions about the world of court reporting, they can get clear answers from the staff at Envision Legal. For over 20 years, these Las Vegas court reporters have dedicated themselves to providing clients the legal resources they need to be the most successful in their casework. Attorneys can expect fast and accurate court reporters, high quality legal video and remote deposition technologies, and other litigation support resources they might need for their case.

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Quality litigation support services are crucial to every court reporting firm, but the foundation of business is client satisfaction. That is why the staff at Envision Legal puts their client needs before anything else. Whatever the case requires, no matter how large or small, Envision Legal has their clients covered. They do whatever they can to ensure their clients are satisfied with their service. This is what has launched Envision Legal to become one of the most sought after court reporting firms in Las Vegas.

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