(Cleveland, Ohio) September 9, 2020

Family-owned Cleveland court reporting firm, Cady Reporting, is pleased to announce their socially distant conference rooms. As law firms return to their offices to continue work in person, they must navigate how to do so in a safe environment. Cady Reporting is glad to offer a solution. The firm’s new, large conferencing venue allows attorneys, their team, and their witnesses to remain socially distant while continuing their case. When clients request a service with Cady Reporting, they won’t be charged extra for use of this special conference room.

At Cady Reporting, the health and safety of their employees and clients is of the utmost importance. The firm has always done what it can to provide clients improved services, and that sort of dedication is especially important during a global health crisis. Cady’s staff do what they can to help their legal community thrive.

“Cady Reporting is a great reporting firm!” one client says. “Locally owned and operated for about 35 years now! They can help with litigation worldwide by networking with other locally owned firms across the world. All of the firms we’ve worked with have been amazing!

Credit: Fremont College

Cady Reporting is known by attorneys in Cleveland and across Ohio as one of the best court reporting firms in the business. For decades, they have put their clients’ needs at the forefront of their business, leading to superior customer service. No matter if a client requires skilled Cleveland court reporters, videographers, or any other litigation specialists, Cady Reporting can deliver.

For more information on remote depositions, or any other Cady Reporting services, call (216) 861.9270 or email cadystaff@cadyreporting.com.

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