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(Rockledge, Florida) May 20, 2020

Ryan Reporting is pleased to announce their full list of areas of practice. When court reporters are not entirely fluent in a certain field, there is a larger margin of error. Because they are not familiar with certain terminology, they stumble and make mistakes, resulting in a less accurate transcript. Having a court reporter who understands the ins and outs of their client’s area of practice is a hugely valuable resource.

As a result, Ryan Reporting only employs dedicated court reporters who truly understand these specialized fields of law. From civil rights law, to education law, to health law, to tax law, and so much in between, the staff at Ryan Reporting proves to be a perfect addition to any legal team time and time again.

“Ryan Reporting made us feel right at home and made our work go much more smoothly,” one client says. “Ryan offers the types of services that we needed, and they were able to set everything up in a way that allowed us to forget about the technology and get through our work.”

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Court reporters who specialize in one (or several) areas of practice are able to accurately and effectively record the events that transpire in a deposition or court room. Ryan Reporting’s Orlando court reporters are guaranteed to be the professional, fluent court reporters that attorneys and paralegals need. Their reputation of timeliness, effectiveness, and accuracy is what makes the firm one of the most sought-after court reporting companies in central and north Florida. It’s how they have kept their business alive and thriving for nearly 50 years.

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