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(Las Vegas, Nevada) May 21, 2020

Envision Legal is pleased to announce its resource on preparing for remote depositions. Depositions serve the same purpose when they occur remotely as they do when they occur in-person, but there are some key steps in preparation that an attorney or paralegal must take when a deposition occurs remotely that they do not have to take for an in-person deposition. Read through Envision Legal’s new page to learn more about what steps you must take before the deposition even starts, tips about the technology you need, and courtesy rules to keep in mind. The tips under each of these sections will help your case run more smoothly.

The staff at Envision Legal does everything in their power to help attorneys across the legal spectrum with each and every one of their litigation support needs. These Las Vegas court reporters are known for their speed, accuracy, and their dedication to their clients’ work. The goal is to provide quality legal support to attorneys across Las Vegas, Clarke County, and all of Nevada.

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“Envision Legal really goes above and beyond to make their clients feel like individuals with individualized needs,” Philip Gabelli, an expert from Sarasota, Florida says. “Many businesses in major cities like Las Vegas don’t have a grasp on customer service like that. Envision Legal is really something special.”

Whether an attorney needs top-tier court reporters, crystal clear videography, trial support, or a number of other litigation support services, attorneys in Clarke County know that Envision Legal is the firm that can fulfill all their needs. No case is too large or small for them.

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