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(Cleveland, Ohio) May 20, 2020

Cady Reporting is pleased to announce a new page on their website: a guide to Cleveland. The page serves as a resource for attorneys traveling to the Rock ’n’ Roll capital of the United States—or even for Cleveland natives looking for something new. Here, clients can find links to the Cleveland courthouse and visitor center, as well as upcoming events and the top three restaurants and hotels in the area.

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The addition to the site was made in an effort to make the lives of Cady Reporting’s clients easier. For 40 years, Cady Reporting as proudly operated as a family-owned business, and their dedication to their clients shows. The staff works hard to deliver the quality, accurate results clients have come to expect, all while providing them dedicated customer service. Clients are more than just numbers to these Cleveland court reporters—they are individuals with personalized needs, and deserve to be treated as stuff.

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“There is a clear difference between Cady Reporting and other court reporting firms,” Brandon Bell of Illinois says. “They pride themselves on being a family-owned and operated location, and it shows. The work they do is incredible, but it’s the care and attention they pay to their clients that separates them from the rest. It’s like we’re all a part of the family.”

With their wide variety of court reporting specialists and litigation services, paralegals and attorneys in any area of practice can turn to Cady Reporting and have their legal needs taken care of by one of the top court reporting firms in Ohio. They are the one-stop-shop for legal professionals in the Cleveland area.

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