(Portland, Oregon) April 23, 2018

Anna Bartholemy, a fitness expert and dietician from Portland, Oregon, is pleased to announce the publication of a new blog devoted to inspiring men and women to lead healthier lives. The fitness and nutrition blog is called “Anna Bartholemy’s Fitness Trends” and features personalized stories of Ms. Bartholemy’s inspirations. It also includes photos from the trainer’s workouts as well as images designed to help others find growth and inspiration in their pursuits toward healthier lives, slimmer bodies, and more emotional happiness.

Ms. Bartholemy describes the impetus for the new publication:

“I get requests all the time from clients and friends concerning my techniques. Everyone asks me to write about my workouts and give others a more illustrational approach to personal training and eating better. Since I always went to help others lead healthier and more active lives, I created Anna Bartholemy’s Fitness Trends. I hope it inspires others the way healthy living and hard work have inspired me.”

Ms. Bartholemy is considered a pre-eminent nutrition and fitness expert within and beyond the Portland, Oregon community. Portland is one of the nation’s leading cities regarding nutrition, food production and restaurants. The Oregon city is also home to many of the nation’s most eclectic and demanding people who seek a healthier and more holistic way of being in the world, away from common commercial and unhealthy concerns that plague many other parts of the country.

For more information about Anna Bartholemy visit her official website at annabartholemy.com and her official Techwhyze feature article.