(Colorado Springs, Colorado) January 24, 2018

Roberto de Guevara, a respiratory specialist, is pleased to announce the publication of a performance breathing list of frequently-asked questions (FAQ) related to healthy breathing. The FAQ is published as a learning resource for those interested in improving their overall health through better breathing. It includes answers to questions on topics such as the duration of the program and the difference between the RESPIRAS program and yoga breathing techniques.

Roberto de Guevara, MSc.
Founder of Respiras™

Mr. de Guevara is a respiratory consultant and educator who has lectured across the United States and across the world, notably in Japan. Mr. de Guevara has worked as an educator and trainer for the United States military where he trained troops on stress adaptation and respiratory efficiency to better maximize their physical performance in all areas of their work.

He has also consulted for elite athletes, business executives and professionals in a wide variety of age groups across the world. Mr. de Guevara is dedicated to maximizing the physical and creative potential of his patients through creating a more holistic and efficient breathing system.

It is estimated that over 73% of the American population suffers from forms of irregular or constricted breathing patterns due to allergies, poor physical health, poor breathing techniques and environmental factors. Poor breathing constricts the flow of oxygen to the brain and can contribute to a variety of serious health conditions from heart disease and stroke to depression and sleep apnea as well as weight gain.

For more information on Roberto de Guevara and Respiras visit respiras.com and his official Twitter page.