(Salt Lake City, Utah) November 14, 2019

Tempest Reporting is pleased to announce their new page on ensuring a quality deposition video. As video depositions grow in popularity, it is crucial attorneys know what to do to help the deposition run smoothly, be effective, and serve its purpose. Tempest’s new page lists three essential tips to make an attorney’s next video deposition as great as it can be, including details on planning ahead, dressing appropriately, and speaking clearly. By keeping these things in mind, attorneys are leaps and bounds closer to having the best deposition video possible.

A key factor to having a successful video deposition, however, is the quality of equipment utilized. The audio and video should be as crisp as possible, so when viewed at a later date everything is perfectly understood. At Tempest Reporting, the staff implements the latest technology in the game throughout each of their services. This is a portion of business that has propelled Tempest Reporting forward for over 30 years.

Firm president, Ariel Mumma, founded Tempest Reporting in the late ‘80s after nearly a decade of working at other reporting firms. That prior experience made it abundantly clear that many reporting firms do not deliver on the needs of their clients largely because they did not embrace the most up-to-date technology. As a result, many attorneys in the Salt Lake area were left wanting more. Mumma refused to let that be the standard, and made it her mission to always provide legal professionals with the best service and tech in the game.

Credit: Accusoft

“Mumma’s dedication to her clients really shows through the quality of service her staff puts forward,” Julie Rehberg, an expert from Omaha, Nebraska says. “There are few court reporting firms that go the extra mile like the staff at Tempest Reporting does. They are really something special.”

These Salt Lake City court reporters shine. As a full-service litigation support firm, attorneys and paralegals need not look any further than this titan of a firm for all their legal support needs.

For more information on Tempest Reporting and their services, call (801) 521-2222, email ariel@reporting.com, or visit their Salt Lake City Offices.

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