Credit: Hello Magazine

(Cancun, Mexico) October 1, 2019

Rabbi Stephen Spiegel is pleased to announce his destination wedding checklist. The checklist serves as a resource for couples looking to get married in other countries, starting a year out from one’s wedding date. The checklist breaks down which steps you should achieve the closer you get to your wedding from a year away, to several months out, to the weeks leading up to the event and the final days before the wedding. Anyone planning a destination wedding needs to save this list.

For couples looking to marry in Cancun, Rabbi Stephen Spiegel is the best of the rabbis in Mexico. Affectionately known as Rabbi Steve by his clients and the locals, Rabbi Steve works to create a wedding that is tailored specifically to the couples. No matter if the wedding is traditional, contemporary, or interfaith, Rabbi Steve approaches each wedding with the same attention to detail that the couple deserves.

“Rabbi Spiegel is one of the best in the business,” expert Julie Rehberg of Omaha, Nebraska says. “Clients rave about how he was the highlight of their night, and how his anecdotes and interpretations of their traditions were truly memorable. That is all someone can ask for their wedding day—memories to last a lifetime.”

Rabbi Steve knows full well that he likely will not meet the couple face-to-face until the day before (even the day of) the wedding. That doesn’t stop him from getting to know the bride and groom. He makes an effort to meet with the couple through their preferred mode of communication– be it email, phone, or Skype—so that by the time the couple and their officiant meets, it is like they are old friends or family. This fosters a passionate and personal ceremony that guests won’t soon forget.

To get in contact Rabbi Steve,  call (888) 593-8486, email, or fill out this contact form.