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(Las Vegas, Nevada) September 26, 2019

Envision Legal is pleased to announce their new page on the benefits of scheduling your court reporting service via tablet or smartphone. Too many court reporting firms stick to the traditional methods of booking. Attorneys and paralegals have to set aside time to call up these firms, perhaps mess around with a fax machine, or figure out what needs to be sent over via email. Envision’s mobile-friendly booking engine takes away that guess work with their easy to use scheduling form.

Clients can book with Envision’s staff anytime, anywhere. Whether in the office at their desktop computer, at home on their tablet, or across the world on their phone, it only takes a few clicks to schedule any one of Envision’s stellar services. All clients have to provide is contact information, information on their case, and which services they require. In less than five minutes, clients can have a service with the top Las Vegas court reporters ready for them, saving them time they can spend on their cases.

“In a big city like Las Vegas, it is important to have a legal service you can count on time and time again,” Jacob Blumenfrucht of New York says. “Reliability can be hard to come by when firms have hundreds and hundreds of clients. At Envision Legal, you don’t have to worry about that. Clients are treated like individuals with individualized needs.”

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There isn’t a better court reporting firm in Las Vegas than Envision Legal. For two decades now, the woman-lead business has made a name for itself due to its reliable service, speed, and accuracy in reporting. At Envision, clients never have to worry about their cases being neglected. No matter how big or small the job, these court reporters and videographers rise above the rest to provide clients the help they deserve.

For more information on Envision legal, call (702) 805-4800, email, or visit their offices. 

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