Credit: The Ritz-Carlton

(Cancun, Mexico) August 7, 2019

Rabbi Stephen Spiegel is pleased to announce his interfaith weddings in Mexico. For many years now, Rabbi Spiegel (known as Rabbi Steve by the locals and couples) has been the face of Jewish destination weddings across all of Mexico. Where other rabbis may fall short, Rabbi Steve rises to the occasion. He does not discriminate against Jewish interfaith weddings, and serves his clients of all creeds with warm, open arms, no matter their creed. His ceremonies vary from traditional to contemporary.

“It is fantastic that Rabbi Stephen Spiegel is willing to provide his services to a variety of couples,” William Marcel Tremble of Charlotte, North Carolina says. “Every couple deserves an officiant they can be comfortable with. Even with the distance between he and his clients Rabbi Spiegel has been that man for dozens of people, because he goes the extra mile to truly know them.”

When an officiant truly has an understanding of the couple he is marrying, it makes for a spectacular ceremony. Rabbi Steve does this with each of his clients. He sends both sides of the couple questionnaires to have a better understanding of who both of them are. He understands he may not be able to meet his clients until the day before the ceremony, so he opts to meet with them via email, phone, or Skype several times so everyone is more comfortable with one another. He wants the couple to be happy, because they are the ones the wedding is truly for.

Rabbi Steve proudly offers his serves for any other Jewish Life Cycle event. Whether someone is looking for a rabbi to fulfill a bar or bat mitzvot, baby naming ceremony, or memorial service in Mexico, Rabbi Steve can be the rabbi they need to have a memorable night.

For more information, call (888) 593-8486, email, or fill out this contact form.