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(Princeton, New Jersey) August 6, 2019

NGOTechnologies is pleased to announce their TruKidz + Project LOVE Initiative. TruKidz was founded by Tharon Trujillo, a man who has first-hand experience with just how debilitating bullying can be to a child. Trujillo developed TruKidz to “empower youth through youth development, leadership, creative thinking, communications, and service” by fostering a community for children who may not have one otherwise. NGOTech helps promote Trujillo’s message through the creation of the organization’s website.

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NGOTech’s work with Project LOVE has a similar motive, but halfway across the world. LOVE stands for (Letting Our Voices Empower). It was formed by Anoop Virk, who traveled to Zambia and realized just how much of a difference she could make in the lives of young girls. Together, Project LOVE and NGOTech developed a sustainable school in Zambia that promotes gender equality through education. Through their IndePedals and eReaders initiative, NGOTech is able to provide the school resources they otherwise may not have been able to access.

NGOTechnologies CEO, Jasel Patel, has this to say about these projects:

“It is incredible to see how the things I do for this company impact others on such a huge level. I love knowing that my work enables children across the globe to better themselves in ways they previously may not have been able to. It inspires me to keep going and to keep growing, because I wish to continue making a change in the lives of people who need it most.”

Jasel Patel, CEO

NGOTech is more than a company that provides technological support to their clients. They actively work to make a difference in the lives of children across the globe. By fostering education, children are given chances they may not have otherwise had access to, and that is life-changing.

For more information on NGO Technologies, email, call (917) 420-1222, or visit their office.

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