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(Princeton, New Jersey) July 11, 2019

NGO Technologies is pleased to announce a new philanthropic initiative: Save the Weavers + Friendship. Studies show that many weavers in Bangladesh face a significant, economic struggle. Many crack under the pressure of their daily lives, and tragically, commit suicide. The Save the Weavers initiative was designed to help weavers more efficiently and effectively free themselves from financial turmoil. This will be done two ways—by providing weavers with more advanced looms to increase their cultural craft, but also by giving weavers advanced, technological skills. Through the use of an instructional DVD, NGO Technologies hopes to educate these wavers in Photoshop, which will allow them to implement their design skills in another fashion.

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NGOTech’s work with Friendship, a Bangladesh-based organization, also works to provide medical care to villages in need. NGOTech works with Friendship to survey the villages, create a database of their ailments, and send that information to WHO, an organization that provides monetary support to Friendship. They also developed instructional DVDs to help volunteers in this area diagnose and treat patients.

“Working with NGO Technologies for almost ten years now has helped me grow exponentially,” Jasel Patel, NGOTech CEO says. “I’ve grown as an adult in the workforce, but also as a person. It is incredible to see how the things I do for this company impact on such a huge level. It inspires me to keep going and to keep growing, because I wish to continue making an impact on the lives of people who need it most.”

NGO Technologies is dedicated to providing client technological support that monumentally accelerates, simplifies, and expands their work capabilities. Each solution is tailored to fit a clients’ needs, as no two situations are alike. Any excess funds collected from their projects are turned back into the community of people who need them—hopefully allowing NGOTech to break the cycle of poverty across the world.

“NGOTech is a different breed of tech company,” William Marcel Tremble of Charlotte, North Carolina says about the company. “They provided me excellent support on my start-up, but what really floors me is their wiliness to give back. Very few companies are as talented, or as generous, as NGO Technologies.”

Satisfied client, William Marcel Tremble

For more information on NGO Technologies’ services, email, call (917) 420-1222, or visit their office.

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