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(Columbus, Ohio) July 23, 2019

Anderson Reporting is pleased to announce their deposition checklist. Sometimes, when scheduling a court reporting or litigation service, it can be difficult to figure out what exactly the firm needs in order to fulfill their client’s needs to the fullest extent. Now, when booking with Anderson Reporting, attorneys and paralegals no longer have to scratch their heads and wonder. The deposition checklist eliminates that guesswork, saving both the attorney, and the court reporter, time that is so precious in the legal field.

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The staff at Anderson Reporting is dedicated to providing clients the results they need to form a successful case. It is why firm President, Gayle Anderson, has established a strict set of rules that controls the quality of work her staff puts out, as well as their quality of customer service. At Anderson Reporting, clients are more than just ends to a mean. The staff understands that each client is an individual with personalized needs, and approaches each case as such.

“Anderson Reporting knows how to make their clients feel cared for and respected,” William Marcel Tremble of Charlotte, North Carolina says. “Too often are attorneys and paralegals treated like numbers by litigation firms, but that is not the case at Anderson Reporting. The quality staff does everything they can to ensure their clients are happy and satisfied.”

In the state of Ohio, few firms hold up to the standard of court reporting put forth by these Columbus court reporters. Their accuracy, timeliness, and dedication to customer service makes for unparalleled work. In the world of court reporting, Anderson Reporting is a giant.

To book a court reporting service with Anderson Reporting, call (614) 326-0177, email, or visit their offices.

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