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Academy Medical is pleased to announce their partner, Skye Biologics has been added to Academy Medical’s DAPA contract.  Skye Biologics develops and manufactures BioECM® products designed to assist the body in its natural ability to remodel properly. These products are formulated to protect and augment degenerated or damaged tissues in surgical repairs and non-operative therapy as a potential alternative to surgery. Their best-known technology, HydraTek®, has been used in a wide variety of surgical and in-office applications—from wound care, to sports medicine. Their strategic partnership with Academy Medical helps provide clinicians with advanced wound care technologies.

For years, Academy Medical has been working with both government procurement agencies and medical/surgical manufacturers to help simplify the contracting process and provide more sales channels to the manufacturers. Academy Medical’s efforts can help manufacturers gain access to government contracts faster than they would by themselves – resulting in new and innovative therapies available sooner.

Academy Medical’s status as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) allows the company to provide manufacturers access points to contracts such as the Strategic Acquisition Center (SAC) Top 18 Implants, Distribution and Pricing Agreements (DAPA), Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA), and more. This access provides a venue for manufacturers to make available the top quality, new and innovative products necessary to deliver the excellent care our veterans and active military personal and their families deserve

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