Credit: Utopia Wellness

(Corpus Christi, Texas) February 26, 2019

Advanced Weight Loss, a medical weight loss center in Corpus Christi, Texas, is pleased to announce a brand-new page on their website: a guide to healthy eating. With so many different, confusing tips and fads all over the internet, when starting one’s weight loss journey on their own, it can be difficult to decide what is right for oneself. This page serves as a resource to help eliminate that confusion and variation. These five tips will help anyone on a weight loss journey—be they just starting, or hoping to maintain their weight loss.

The page suggests that the reader eat a higher concentration of fruits and vegetables, as their amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber is crucial to a healthy body. Drinking water (at least eight glasses a day) and replacing sugary drinks helps eliminate unnecessary calories. Limiting sugar and salt intake also helps cut calories and avoid an increased likelihood of disease, but reading labels is really where people realize just how unhealthy their food it. Remaining conscious of that helps us make better food choices.

While these tips are incredibly helpful, people hoping to lose stubborn weight are more likely to do so with the help of Dr. Dale Eubank and his staff at Advanced Weight Loss. His regimen of medically approved weight loss has helped clients lose a combined average of over 30 pounds. The process is simple—with a first, free consultation, Dr. Eubank assesses the client’s needs, their current health, and develops a personalized program of diet and exercise that fits their lifestyle.

“It isn’t just dieting or just exercising that makes for the most successful weight loss story,” Gary Jouver, an expert from Montville, Connecticut, says. “It’s a combination of a number of factors. If you exercise, but eat poorly, you won’t yield the results you want. The same goes for eating well, but sitting on the couch all day. There’s a fine balance to walk in order to garner the best results possible, and Dr. Eubank helps his clients understand that.”

Dr. Eubank and his incredibly talented staff want his clients to be successful. They offer help every step of the way and encourage them to keep going. For many who have tried and failed time and time again, Advanced Weight Loss gets them to their weight loss goal. No matter age or gender, clients are thrilled with the results Advanced Weight Loss helps them achieve.

For more information on Advanced Weight Loss’s services, call (361) 906-1112, email, or visit their offices.