Credit: Mark H. Weiss, PC

(West Palm Beach, Florida) January 30, 2019

Mark Shalloway, president of West Palm Beach elder law firm Shalloway & Shalloway, is pleased to announce his featured profile on Legal Trends Watch titled “Mark Shalloway and his Passion for Educating the People.” The profile discusses how Shalloway and his dedicated staff go above and beyond to provide their clients with the help they need, as well as acting as an educator on elder law. At Fort Stewart in Savannah, Georgia this past December, Shalloway delivered a talk on a vast number of topics that encompass elder law to the JAG corps stationed there. It is just one of the many ways Shalloway and his firm go above and beyond.

Mark Shalloway and the Fort Stewart JAG Corp

“It really makes a difference when clients can tell their attorney wants the best for them,” Brandon Bell, a legal consultant in Illinois, says. “In such a trying time in one’s life, it is crucial they feel supported. Mark Shalloway and his staff provide clients with that support they crave, as well as the results they need.”

For nearly 30 years, Shalloway has served as a constant in the lives of elders across Palm Beach County. Clients and family members alike have praised Shalloway for his professionalism, care, and the clear level of respect he treats his clients with. To the staff at Shalloway & Shalloway no case is too small. They treat every client with the same amount of care and dedication, as that is how each of them deserve to be treated.

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