(Washington D.C.) January 10, 2019

Gore Brothers is pleased to announce a new addition to their “Areas of Practice” section. Every attorney focuses on something a little different from another. A civil rights attorney has different needs from a court reporter than a copyright attorney would. Because of this, over the years, the court reporters at Gore Brothers have taken it upon themselves to specialize in certain areas of practice. By being fluent in a number of fields, they are not only more valuable to their clients, but they can provide more accurate reports.

The latest addition to this resource is for real estate law court reporters. Whether the case revolves around personal real estate or business real estate, the staff at Gore Brothers is familiar with the terminology and prove to be a great addition to any legal team because of it. Attorneys don’t have to worry about their court reporters keeping up with a stream of events—Gore Brothers’ vast knowledge keeps them on top of things.

“The specialists at Gore Brothers are true professionals,” Lucero Nunez of Merced, California says. “They won’t stop until each and every one of their clients’ needs are surpassed. It’s really admirable.”

As one of the oldest court reporting firms in the United States, it is no wonder the firm knows a thing or two about the intricacies of the industry. They live to provide quality, reliability, and personalized service in the world of court reporting.

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