(Colorado Springs, Colorado) February 13, 2018

Roberto de Guevara is pleased to announce the launch of a lecture dedicated to the exploration of better health and stress management through more efficient breathing. Mr. de Guevara is an international consultant and lecturer as well as the founder of Respiras, a technique and practice that teaches healthy and efficient breathing.

The new lecture tour will be free and open to the public. It will includes information on the link between various ailments and diseases and poor air intake and breathing. Mr. de Guevara has lectured across the world and is a former consultant to many organizations and companies include various branches of the United States military where he conducted courses related to the link between physical performance, combat, and stress management.

With over 72 million Americans suffering from some form of breathing deficiency, the importance of proper respiratory health and breathing techniques has become a major health concern. With so many people suffering from shortness of breath, sleep apnea, snoring, strokes and other issues related to a lack of proper and efficient oxygen intake to the brain, the importance of proper breathing has taken center stage. Between obesity and a general lack of exercise, more and more people are suffering from serious health conditions that can be avoided or mitigated by more efficient breathing techniques and a better awareness of how overall health is affected by breathing.

For more information about Roberto de Guevara and his lecture tour visit the official Linked In page.