(Newport Beach, California) March 19, 2018

Evan Dorian and The Dorian Media Group in Newport Beach, California are pleased to announce the launch of a photography campaign for Robe Show, a luxury robe manufacturer. Robe Show is a luxury brand geared towards the sophisticated man that envisions a world where robes are worn in any situation, any day.

The Dorian Media Group is a Southern California media firm specializing in multimedia marketing that fuses elements of website development, social media, photography and other formats to form a cohesive branding campaign for their clients.

The Dorian Media Group is led by founder and President, Evan Dorian. Mr. Dorian explains the concepts behind the photo campaign for Robe Show:

“We were looking for a unique way to represent the company that matched the California aesthetic with a fun and somewhat sassy approach to marketing men’s loungewear. Since menswear does not have the same fashion persuasion on mass markets as ladies wear, we wanted to give Robe Show a look and feel that combined style with a suave kind of retro aesthetic for modern men.”

For more information on the Robe Show campaign by The Dorian Media Group visit the official website of the company or their Facebook page.