(Miami, Florida) January 24, 2018

Super Lawyers is pleased to announce the selection of Mark Shalloway to the 2018 Super Lawyers List. Super Lawyers is one of the largest and most respected directories of attorneys in the world. It features attorneys in all areas of practice, from personal injury and criminal law to copyright infringement and wills and trusts. It includes a searchable index organized by location or area of practice along with an index of names of attorneys who are members.

G. Mark Shalloway

Super Lawyers reviews all entries in its directory and vets attorneys and law firms to ensure the highest degree of professionalism and reliability for the directory’s users. The directory includes a number of highly informative videos, articles and information on events and trends within all areas of practice.

Super Lawyers is regarded as one of the most consistently impactful and reliable listings of attorneys within the densely populated online world. It also includes a special section for attorneys who can publish work and interact with colleagues from across the country.

The Super Lawyers List is an exclusive directory of preferred attorneys known for their long and respected careers. Mr. Shalloway of Shalloway and Shalloway in West Palm Beach is one of the more notable and highly-regarded lawyers in the field of elder and special needs care. His career encompasses many philanthropic and educational endeavors ranging from pro bono seminars for military personnel to educational classes on retirement and assisted living that are free and open to the community.

For more information visit superlaywers.com, the official site of the Super Lawyers directory. For more information about Mark Shalloway visit the official Shalloway and Shalloway site at shalloway.com or visit their offices at 1400 Centrepark Blvd, Suite #700 in West Palm Beach, Florida with the zip code of 33401.