(Coral Springs, FL) October 30, 2017

Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief

Attending philanthropic fundraisers is part of every political figure’s agenda. What distinguishes Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief from many of her political colleagues is her passionate commitment to breast cancer awareness along with her active participation in its charitable endeavors. Her attendance at the recent “Not My Daughter” Breast Cancer Awareness fundraising celebration in Coral Springs, Florida is an example of the Mayor’s commitment to both women’s health and supporting the charitable causes in her community.

The event was scheduled around a charity luncheon dedicated to the cause of finding a cure for breast cancer.

The “Not My Daughter” event was created by a local organization in Broward County committed to the cause of women’s health advocacy. Their website explains their history: “Founded in South Florida in 2010, the organization was created by a group of local women who were personally affected by breast cancer. Since it’s inception, Not My Daughter… find a cure now! has generously donated 100% of proceeds to breast cancer research-based organizations.”

Barbara Sharieff Not My Daughter Event

Mayor Barbara Sharief remains passionately involved in the community and to the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness:

“I am proud to support the “Not My Daughter” organization and it is such a thrill to participate in this exciting luncheon and meet all thes wonderful people who share my passion.”

For more information visit the official “Not My Daughter” website at notmydaughter.org and the official Barbara Sharief website at barbarasharief.com.