(Phoenix, Arizona) October 5, 2017

Phoenix court reporters, Coash & Coash, are pleased to announce the creation of their new mobile booking engine. The new platform for scheduling depositions, videoconferences and other services provided by the court reporting firm will make setting appointments easier and faster for those on tablets, smartphones and other portable devices. With today’s attorneys, assistants and paralegals in ever greater demands for time and energy, the creation of mobile-friendly ways to send information and book important dates for a variety of legal services is a major asset.

Coash & Coash President Jerry Coash explains this upgrade in technology and what it means for his firm, one of the oldest court reporting companies in Arizona: “When we rebuilt our website it was important to make it user-friendly for those viewing it on their smartphones and tablets. We are one of the first companies in the legal field in Phoenix to embrace digital and mobile-friendly technology and we did it to make working with our clients easier and more efficient.”

Coash & Coash is a highly reputed company with a reputation for excellence and precision in their services. Whether a law firm schedules a meeting, deposition, video conference or transcription of documents, the importance of reliability and execution remains paramount. With their new easy-t0-read and utilize forms, Coash & Coash continue their commitment to their clientele and to the future of court reporting. Always embracing new technologies ahead of the curve, Coash & Coash is proude to be a contributor and vital member of the Phoenix legal community.

For more information on Coash & Coash visit their official website at coashandcoash.com, their official Facebook page or their official Twitter page.