(West Palm Beach) August 2, 2017

Shalloway & Shalloway, a West Palm Beach Law Firm specializing in Elder and Special Needs clients, is pleased to announce the creation of a seminar series. The seminar series is free and open to the public. The seminars provide legal aid and advice to families of elderly and special needs individuals who may need help navigating the legal and financial waters of providing care for their loved ones.

Elder Care Attorney Mark Shalloway

Elder care is a major issue for millions of families across America. As our population ages, particularly the so-called “baby-boomers” born following World War II, the needs for health care, including mental health care, increase. The financial strains on care-givers, be they children or spouses, are immense. With few viable options in medicare, insurance becomes paramount. Understanding the bureaucratic minutiae involved in choosing insurance, finding care-givers, and knowing what benefits to pay for, can leave one feeling powerless and confused.

Mark Shalloway, a leading elder care expert describes the importance of his seminars:

We give people, families some basic guidelines to make the most informed decisions on everything from insurance to hospice care and wills & trusts.

With the increase in life expectancy comes an increase in demand for living a life of good physical and mental health in later years. Finding the right attorney to help you negotiate these needs as they arise is one of the first steps towards providing the most affordable and loving care for someone you love.

For more information about the Shalloway & Shalloway seminars visit their official seminar listings page.