(Corpus Christi, Texas) August 28, 2017

The Corpus Christi Medical Weight Loss Doctors, Advanced Weight Loss, are pleased to announce the publication of a new Blog dedicated to weight loss tips. The new weight loss blog is published as part of the clinic’s website and includes a variety of informative and engaging data points, photographs, and articles with links to other websites.

Dr. Dale Eubank

Medical Director Dr. Dale Eubank describes the motivation behind the new publication:

“We wanted to create a public resource to help men and women of all ages and from all walks of life understand their medical and clinical options pertaining to healthy and safe weight loss treatments. Since we are one of the only medical weight loss centers in Texas to offer the Serotonin Plus treatment, my team decided to provide this valuable public resource free of charge.”

Dr. Eubank is a distinguished weight loss doctor and physician. He attended the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas where he graduated with honors.

Obesity and weight gain are acute health care issues and have reached epidemic proportions in our society. With the related health complications and stress that arrive as a result of weight gain, managing weight loss in a safe and effective manner has become an issue of paramount importance for Americans everywhere. Advanced Weight loss is one of the pre-eminent medical weight loss clinics in the country with a devoted mission of public awareness.

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