(Broward County, Florida)

Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief was joined by Commissioners Chip LaMarca, Steve Geller and Michael Udine along with County Administrator Bertha Henry, Aviation Director/CEO Mark Gale and Broward Sheriff Scott Israel on Tuesday to announce the release of a Consultant’s Report on the January 6, 2017 active shooter incident at Broward County’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL). Watch news conference.

On that day, a lone gunman opened fire in the airport, killing five passengers and wounding six others. The Broward County Commission hired an outside consultant, Ross and Baruzzini, to evaluate the incident response.

“Broward County hired an outside consultant to complete the after action review on the FLL incident because we wanted a thorough, inclusive and independent assessment of our incident response,” said Mayor Sharief. “It is the goal of Broward County Government to ensure that if an unthinkable incident like this ever occurs in our community again, we, along with all of our partners, are better prepared as a result of lessons learned.”

The report offers 132 recommendations for enhancing airport safety and identifies many aspects of the response to the shooting that were done very well, including the initial law enforcement and emergency medical resource response, communication between County leadership and the Emergency Operations Centers, and the recovery effort to reunite passengers with their belongings. Passengers left more than 20,000 personal items in the self-evacuation that followed the shooting. The consultant interviewed more than 60 individuals for the report.

“We recognized that many of our colleagues would be looking to Broward County to share ‘lessons learned’ during the incident,” said Gale. “We wanted a report with portability so that any location with large gatherings of people could use it as a learning tool.”

County Commissioners and those with appropriate security clearance met Tuesday afternoon in a “shade” meeting to discuss items in the report. The meeting was closed to the public as Sensitive Security Information was addressed relative to FLL.

In the news conference that followed, Mayor Sharief urged every organization involved in the response to evaluate the recommendations, many of which will require collaboration and coordination with other local and national law enforcement and first responder agencies. “It’s about the process of getting better and always improving,” said Sharief. “Collaboration and coordination are essential to ensure that we are doing the very best we can to protect the lives of our residents and visitors, enhance public safety and defend public property.”