(Wellington, Florida)  July 19, 2017


Last month someone asked the question: “Are kids being educated at Wellington’s Eagle Arts Academy? Today, with the unveiling of Florida’s new school grades, the answer is a resounding YES!

In just the third year since opening its doors as a Palm Beach County charter school, Eagle Arts Academy has just earned a “C” grade in the latest Florida state school rankings. This is up from a “D” grade the year before. The latest numbers, provided by officials at the Palm Beach County School District, show Eagle Arts Academy improved in almost every measured category:


English Language Arts Achievement: *ELA This year: 46 Last Year: 40 UP 6 POINTS
ELA Learning Gains: This year: 50.7 Last Year: 35 UP 14.7 POINTS
ELA Learning Gains of the lowest 25%: This year: 43.7 Last Year: 25 UP 18.7 POINTS
Math Achievement: This year: 33 Last Year: 24 UP 9 POINTS
Math Learning Gains: This year: 40.3 Last Year: 25 UP 18.5 POINTS
Math Learning Gains of the lowest 25%: This year: 40 Last Year: 19 UP 21 POINTS
Science Achievement: This year: 42.5 Last Year: 25 UP 17.5 POINTS
Social Studies Achievement: This year: 51 Last Year: 65 DOWN 14 POINTS


In addition to the state grade, other results also show remarkable student performance. Specifically, the school had 100 percent of its eighth graders pass the math EOC exam this year.


“We made several changes this year, and each one was motivated by what was in the best interest of our children. Today, these new results validate every decision we made,” said Greg Blount, Founder of Eagle Arts Academy. “The fact that Eagle Arts Academy is up almost across the board illustrates why we did what we did.”


Blount thanked Palm Beach County Schools Superintendent Robert Avossa for supporting Eagle Arts Academy’s School Improvement Plan this year. He also acknowledged the support of the District’s charter school office.


“I especially want to acknowledge Palm Beach County School Board Member Marcia Andrews for her support of our school over this past year” added Blount.


The new state school grade follows internal district testing that also showed Eagle Arts Academy gains over last year.

Those scores, part of the District’s iReady Diagnostic & Instruction for Reading and Mathematics program, showed Eagle Arts Academy students improved an average of 26 points in reading and 17 points in math. According to the District scores, Eagle Arts Academy students tested above the targeted reading level in kindergarten, and grades 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8. First grade tested at 97% of the target level. Second grade was at 71%, and sixth grade tested at 86% of the target level.

The new numbers also show improvements at every grade level in math. The most dramatic math improvement was among Eagle Arts Academy’s 8th graders who exceeded target test levels by 155%. While the school missed its overall target for average growth in math, it did achieve 83% of the goal.

Eagle Arts Academy uses teaching methodologies that create a fun and engaging learning environment such as Center-Based Learning, Project Based Learning, and Kinesthetic Learning. Children who don’t like school or struggle with standard teaching methods are transformed into engaged learners, no matter if they are a low-level, average or gifted student. The school’s goal is to create as many options as possible to help students be successful in their learning.


For more information visit the Eagle Arts Academy website or their official Facebook page.