(Broward County, FL) June 12, 2017

As part of the “Broward Means Business” initiative, Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief has recently handed out a select number of proclamations to exemplary businesses in the Broward County area that have fostered the community’s economic growth and entrepreneurial spirit. These businesses include Cartaya & Associates Architects, P.A. for their architectural services that helped numerous community projects, Flash Back diner for their continued support of the Broward County community and Broward Means Business programs, as well as several other notable names like The National Boys & Girls Club and the Women’s History Board.

These “Broward Means Business” proclamations are a way to recognize businesses and business persons who significantly contribute to the County’s positive business climate and is a part of the larger 2016-2020 county commissioning plan to stimulate the local economy by encouraging successful entrepreneurship as well as enabling and growing business in the area. It also includes county-sponsored and hosted events like job fairs, different business-related seminars, and free workshops designed to inform the public on tactics and policies that can be used to enhance their business as well as the local economy.

For more information check out the official Broward Means Business Facebook page,  visit their website at Broward.org/EconDev, or call 954.357.6400.