(Portland, OR) May 24, 2017


Beovich, Walter & Friend Certified Court Reporters is elated to announce their new website! Continuing at bwfreporters.com,  BWF has come out with a new, more intuitive layout designed to optimize their litigation support services for Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding area. Now with a clearer layout optimized for all internet-capable devices like smartphones, tablets, and personal computers, BWF’s website was built to enhance their ability to assist today’s legal community by relaying their multitude of experienced court reporting, deposition, and litigation support services in a more intuitive and comprehensible fashion.

Featuring vibrant and clear graphics, BWF’s new homepage lays out their areas of service, gives a brief yet concise biography of the company, and includes recent posts that detail their ongoing mission to provide quality and up-to-date court reporting resources for the legal community at large. A quick run down reveals their ability to provide certified realtime court reporters, expedited and daily transcripts, same-day drafts, internet streaming, legal videography, videoconferencing suites, as well as trial presentation, document, and case management. In addition, the new layout provides for large, full-screen pages that are home to important information and details about each of their litigation support services. With 24/7 scheduling, complimentary conference rooms, an online repository, and transparent billing, Beovich, Walter & Friend’s Portland, Oregon court reporting team has you covered.


For more information check out their official website at bwfreporting.com, their Facebook, or call toll-free at (800) 541-4452.